Scelk is a metal nutcracker for all dried fruit shells, designed for the Italian brand Hiro. It is obtained from a single tube and a screw.

A simple, functional object, with a refined design inspired by the past, designed for the home.

This object was a gift for guests during Milan Design Week. Therefore it had to be something affordable and easy to produce in small series.

Scelk is a simple metal reinterpretation of the more classic wooden nutcracker model.  In this case it is a small steel container and a screw system. It breaks the nut through the pressure exerted. It had to tell the philosophy and the background of Hiro. Hiro a brand born from a historic company that works in metals. So I decided to reinterpret this object using the technologies and materials of the brand, focusing on a common and evocative gesture like that of screwing in. A small object to give as a gift that can be useful in everyday life.

Scelk is not the only design for Hiro, check it out also Op & Meridio (stool and table), Adriatica (bathroom accessories collection) and Tongue (wall bottle rack).

Curious about the design method behind this product? Check it out “How I designed a nutcracker” on the blog page.

Scelk metal nutcracker in black and white
Scelk dismounted
Scelk in white still life
Scelk metal nutcracker in action
Scelk metal nutcracker
Scelk metal nutcracker in white with nuts
Scelk metal nutcracker in black with bread and nuts
Scelk metal nutcracker on kitchen shelves