Pencil is a countertop ceramic washbasin collection. It is made of different ceramics finishes and it has been developed in two different shapes and sized. It is a design for the Italian company Hatria.

This project has been quite a gamble. It was born when all the companies were looking for thin surfaces and perceived lightness. We opted to do the opposite, trying to leave thickness to the washbasin edge, making it sculptural and countertrend.
The result was a pointed edge, similar to the one made for Carati table top. In fact the name Pencil comes as an homage to graphite tip.

The goal of this operation was to create a precise focus on the object, leaving people sight to shift the attention on the area we decided to develop. Therefore the rest of the shape has been left as minimal as possible.

The project comes in two different shapes and sizes. A small an circular one and a rectangular one with rounded edges.

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This product went to light based on a specific brief on the company needs, a commissioned project. If you want to be more confident with the process for such projects, have a look at the blog. There is a particular article that explains quite well what’s the process behind these works, have a look at “Get back to design process”.

Two sizes of Pencil ceramic washbasin in white
Pencil dismounted
Pencil ceramic washbasin circular
Pencil ceramic washbasin rectangular
Pencil seen from below
Big size Pencil washbasin in bathroom
Couple of white pencil washbasin in bathroom