Bridge for Xlboom – The concept

Bridge sketch making of

Bridge for Xlboom – The concept

Bridge is one of my few projects that I did just following the flow of inspiration. A design usually is an exchange beetween designer and company, but in this case things went smooth and everything come out very easily.

Bridge was born in one of those moments when I look for inspiration with no clue of what to do exactly. Those where days when I wanted to do new designs starting from the metal tube, an item that I studied a lot per a certain period, and I wanted to create something really simple to make, like I am used to.
I decided to go for a single bending in order to make an archetypal shape, live an arc.

I had a shape, then I needed to know what to do with that.
If we think in terms of costs, the metal tube is better it to be not too big. A huge diameter can cause a boost of general costs because you have more material, obviously, and need more sophisticated and bigger tools to shape it.
So the solution for me was to try out a desktop object, something small.

Dimensions where ok, now I needed a function.
The shape was quite iconic, so a vase could be good. It is decorative yet functional.
But how can this shape be a vase?
Adding materials and shapes could be the fastest solution to this problem, but I decided to go on the opposite way, remove something.

I removed the top part, where the bend was, in order to create two slots where it is possible to put water or soil (in the last version, the one in production, you will find a glass inside, it is for an easier maintenance).
The final result is a decorative, functional and cost fair object.
The collection is now made of 3 pieces of different dimensions.

Many thanks to XLBoom that believed in this design and now they have it in their collection.