Float is a battery powered lamp designed for the Italian company Axolight.

The concept was born looking at some Italian restaurateurs. They put candles on empty bottles to create atmosphere in their restaurants. It’s something that has always fascinated me and I decided to make a project out from it.

I analyzed this topic as an extreme will of the users to personalize the environment with something they own, boosting it with some power: the light.

Then the question was how to create an actual product from such an inspiration. It had to be a functional outcome from a romantic start.

I decided to create Float, a battery lamp that could be easily placed on the top of the bottles. It gives the possibility to hold the light up with your favourite bottle and create the same feeling you can have with the wax situation I mentioned before. But it was not enough to justify a product, so I designed an entire collection of stands to integrate it and make it an actual collection.

Float can be positioned on a table, on the floor, to the wall and as pendant, just need changing its basis. It is suitable for interior, outdoor, private and public situations.

All of this is possible by its own 9 hours lasting battery, so it can stay away from any energy source and in many different contests. It has a dimmer to regulate brightness of its warm light.

It is available in five different colors, plus some special finishes on request.

Emotional picture of Float battery lamp
Float in charging mode
Float assembly fase
Float table lamp
Float table lamp bottle version
Float floor lamp
Float floor lamp
Float battery lamp
Float table lamp outdoor
Float outdoor in restaurant, table and suspension version
Float floor version in outdoor environment
Wet Float table and bottle lamp
Float suspensed version in interior environment

Want to understand better? Have a look at this youtube video.

Float is not the first lamp I designed. If you want to see more lamps, please check it out the Blossom collection (acoustic lamp), Vela (metal table lamp) or Flamingo.

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Float suspension version in wild environment