Carati is a side table made of metal and marble. It is inspired by the rings diamond joint system: the setting.

The plane is supported by the metal structure that contains the marble surface like a precious stone. The side table is entirely hand made in Italy.

The main idea was to create an atypical relationship between the legs and the plane of the table, where the structure is supported by an horizontal pressure in stead of a vertical one of common tables.

The result is the junction system that becames the main protagonist of the sign that is both functional and iconic.

This table is an evolution of the Carati side table collection made of wood and metal designed for Bologna Design Week.

This table is now edited by Neim Creative Gallery

If you want to see another product made from a metal structure, check it out Antilope, barstool designed for Offiseria.

Carati with a book
Carati metal and marble side table top view
Caratiside table joint detail
Carati floor cross construction detail
Carati metal and marble side table in white environment