Bridge is a metal vase collection designed for the Belgian brand Xlboom.

The shape borns by cutting out a folded tube. An example of how minimalism and sottaction can create function and decoration at the same time.

Bridge was conceived in a period when studio research was going on a certain direction: creating function removing material. The design started from the analisys of the metal tube to create something really simple to make. The result came from a single tube bending in order to make an archetypal shape, like an arc. Then the top part got removed to create function and give character.

It is available in 3 different sizes, matched with glass tumblers to ensure waterproofing from earth and water.

If you want to know more about how Bridge metal vase collection came to life, check it out in the blog Bridge for Xlboom – The Concept.

There are more products that took inspiration from the metal tube, like Scelk and Vela. Have a look.

Bridge medium size still life front view
Bridge big size still life front view
Bridge small size still life front view
Bridge medium size still life
Bridge vase collection with flowers and grass
Bridge vase small and medium with flowers
Bridge big size metal vase in the kitchen